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Water Damage Restoration

When water enters unwanted areas, it's important to act fast. Call Patterson Cleaning Service for 24-Hour Emergency Service!

If you or someone you know has ever had a

flood or plumbing failure, you know how

important it is to act fast or risk complete

loss and permanent damage. Soaked

carpets and rugs, warped floors and walls,

and molded furniture can all lead to bigger

issues if they are not addressed timely and

appropriately. Permeating leaks can be just

as devastating as a flood if left unaddressed

as mold and mildew can prevail. Call the

pros at Patterson Cleaning Service and get

the expert help you need fast!


When possible, take the following actions before our team arrives:


  • Close the water main or shut off the water source
  • Power off the electricity to the affected area at the breaker before attempting to unplug any electrical devices as there is a higher risk of electric shock when unwanted moisture is present.
  • Place plastic trash bags under the legs of furniture in the area to limit or prevent discoloration or staining.
  • Raise and secure curtains or draperies that have or could be impacted
  • Remove any items that could stain your flooring, if wet.
  • Under no circumstances, attempt to vacuum up spills unless a wet/dry vacuum is being used and only do so with extreme caution as electric shock could occur.
Professional Water Flood Damage Restoration Specialists

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