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Have more than just carpet in your home or business?

Good news: We service those, too!

Variety flooring and wall coverings are the norm

in this day and age. Tile is not only found in

showers and bathrooms but in kitchens and living

areas. Tile and grout and hardwood floors require

routine maintenance in the form of sweeping,

mopping and scrubbing. But when it comes to

deep-cleaning, let the professionals at Patterson

Cleaning Service take care of your needs. The

Patterson Cleaning team has innovative equipment

and cleaning products that will make your tile and

hardwood floors look like new.


There are countless advertisements claiming to

have powerful cleaning solutions designed to

remove soils, oils, build-ups, spots and stains.

Patterson Cleaning Service combines high-

pressure rinsing and extraction, as well as buffing

solutions, leaving tile and hardwood floors with an

immaculate shine. Our tile and hardwood cleaners

penetrate deep porous surfaces whisking away

unwanted dirt and debris as well as targeting mildew, fungus, bacteria and other contaminants. Once sealed, your floors will resist microbial contamination making your home or office a healthier place to be.


We move quickly to clean and seal your floors on the same day, when possible. Our objective is to keep the amount of disruption to your schedule to a minimum. With the methods Patterson Cleaning Service employs, you can be back on your floors living life in no time. In fact, treated tile and hardwood will endure light traffic in a matter of hours!


When it comes to tile and hardwood, trust the cleaning power of Patterson Cleaning!


Tile and Hardwood Cleaning Professionals

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