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Professional Stain Treatment & Extraction

Carpeting and flooring is expensive, so be sure to keep our number handy as spills are bound to happen.

Keeping your carpets looking terrific is a

chore, especially when accidental spills

take place. Drinks, food, mud, crayons,

markers, and pets can leave messes that

are incredibly difficult to remove. Should

a mishap occur in your home or office, call

the professionals at Patterson Cleaning

Service right away for the most effective

treatments and keep your carpets in good

shape for years to come.


Some stains can be dealt with by home

and business owners. However, don’t hesitate to call Patterson Cleaning Service when a bad spill occurs as the sooner we begin addressing the spill, the better the likelihood of us preserving the integrity your carpet and flooring. Trust our professionals to bring the right products and experience to tackle even the most difficult of stains.


Stain-Handling Tips:

  • Avoid rubbing the stain as doing so can cause the stain to set deeper into your carpets fibers resulting in permanent damage.
  • Work your way in rather than scrubbing from the inside out which may result in spreading.
  • Use cold water to avoid physical or chemical reactions with the spilled substance as changing the stain’s structure could lead to bonding and irreversible damage.
  • Stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals, but instead opt for mild detergents or plain water first. Harsh agents may cause additional damage to the carpet surface.
Professional Stain Treatments and Extractions

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