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Commercial & Janitorial Work

We love keeping homes fresher and healthier for your family.

You can expect the same level of care for your business, too!

Businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars

to maintain and enhance their overall appeal.

Poor maintenance can tarnish your

professional image. Don't waste thousands or

even hundreds of dollars in misdirected

cleaning costs. Let Patterson Cleaning Service

properly care for your business because we

know when you look good, we look good!


The professionals at Patterson Cleaning

Service are well-known for carpet and fabric

maintenance, but what you likely didn't know is that we are the region's top commercial janitorial service provider, as well! We deliver deep-cleaning to every nook and cranny so that you and your team can focus on what you do best to enhance your bottom line.


The professionals at Patterson Cleaning Service care for all types of commercial spaces ensuring swept entrances, vacuumed carpets, mopped floors, clean ceilings and ceiling fans and other ventilation systems, disinfected keyboards, telephones, door handles and light switches, empties waste bins, wiped-down computer monitors and teleprompters, refilled soap and sanitizer dispensers and treat and maintain a host of other areas commonly overlooked that need continuous upkeep. Our clients love us most when we tend to minor building maintenance repair issues such as loose or broken door knobs, burned out light bulbs, dead clock batteries, squeaky hinges and more to ensure a smooth operation day-in-and-day-out. Trust Patterson Cleaning Service for all of your janitorial needs--the most reliable cleaning service in Heartland America!


Commonly Requested Services

  • General Commercial Cleaning
  • Bathrooms & Kitchenettes
  • Sweeping / Vacuuming
  • Mopping & Finishing
  • Trash Collection & Disposal
  • Window Cleaning
  • Custom Contracts
  • Minor Maintenance Repairs


Programmed Maintenance Services

Our professionals handle calls on a case-by-case basis and will analyze your facility to customize a commercial cleaning service program that not only makes you look good but is healthier for you, too!


Our team generally treats the requested areas in one heavy pass and follows-up at scheduled intervals to maintain the cleanliness and order of your home or business.


Join the many private and government offices, retail establishments and other commercial vendors that count on Patterson Cleaning Service to provide solutions for their maintenance needs.



Additional Services

Patterson cleaning does much more than extend the life of your carpet, rug, fabric and leather investments. We also do:


Trash Outs

Selling or buying a home? Need a specialists to come in and treat an area that could be infected with asbestos or mold or mildew?


Patterson Cleaning Service is here to help!


We have the know-how and means to clear trash and debris from both residential and commercial establishments. From the attic to the crawlspace to everything in between, our staff will thoroughly clean the area and offer finishing services where needed.


Windows & Exteriors

Clean windows makes for a better view. We remove window tine and other debris and also address those near-impossible-to-remove hard water spots to make your windows look as good as new.


If you have a property that has overgrown brush or simply needs a little TLC, give the experts at Patterson Cleaning a call. We will pencil you in to our schedule and take care of your project in a timely fashion restoring order to your lawn and landscape.


Be sure to as about our Programmed Maintenance Services, as well.


Special Projects

Have a need that you don't see listed on as regular services?


Contact us to inquire and you may be surprised at what we can do for you.



Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

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